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Floating Wind Turbine Load Analysis Engineer Vizcaya
La oferta de empleo como Floating Wind Turbine Load Analysis Engineer en LKS SELECCIÓN Y FORMACIÓN, Vizcaya, ya no admite más candidaturas


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Floating Wind Turbine Load Analysis Engineer

Detalle de la empresa
Fecha: 17/01/2022
Lugar: - Vizcaya - España
Puestos vacantes: 1
Referencia 2725789

The main responsibilities of this position are to analyse complex phenomena in the area of aerodynamics, structural dynamics, control response, atmospheric physics etc. and to understand the highly coupled nature of the wind turbine system and how the loads are linked to the structural components and mechanical systems design, as well as the overall cost of energy.

You will interpretate the metaocean data in the different offshore sites and define the Design Load Cases based on this data.

You will set-up the coupled model (aero-WT-hydro-moorings) using mainly OpenFAST aeroelastic software.

You will perform load calculations for floating wind turbines for a range of design standards and interpretate the results in terms of the performance of the Floating Offshore Wind Turbine and restrictions imposed by it.

You also will prepare the load-set for the structural assessment of the support structure (tower, floating substructure and stationkeeping system) and dynamic cable and liaising with the other technical disciplines within the Technical Department.


You need a Master's Degree in engineering or physics or mathematics field with high qualifications and is desirable to have a Master in renewable energy or PhD in engineering or physics, preferably in the area of structural dynamics or aero/hydro-dynamics.
Understanding in aerodynamic loads, structural dynamics and general mechanical engineering theory.
Good programming skills (MATLAB, Python, etc.) and experience in OpenFAST or GH Bladed.
Thorough knowledge of wind turbine design standards and class regulations, from IEC and DNV GL among others.
The position also requires good knowledge or expertise in loads analysis, aero-elasticity and/or multibody dynamics.
You need to be able to understand and interpretate metaocean conditions relevant for the load analysis of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines.

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Jornada laboral: Completa
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